More "Athena" Photos Released

The IRIS spin-off drama looks just as action-packed and exciting!

New photos from the drama “Athena” that were released today show some of the cast with their guns drawn and ready to fire. The photos also show the actors in scenes with flipped cars and fallen agents. Sounds pretty awesome, right?


From the details released so far, “Athena” is to be about a terrorist group that brings fear into the hearts of many all over the world by killing recklessly and without regard for others. The National Anti-Terrorist Service tries to bring the group down by infiltrating them. Some of these action-hero roles will be filled by Soo Ae, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Ji Ah, and Cha Seung Won. This story combines action, romance, and mystery, and is sure to gain a lot of viewers for its premire episode — what do you think? Check out the recently released photos below!

Source: Official Athena Thread, Daum