New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 July Week 5

BoA Vol. 6 – Hurricane Venus (August 5)

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01 Game

02 Hurricane Venus

03 Dangerous

04 Person Besides Me

05 M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)

06 Let Me

07 One Star

08 Adrenaline

09 Day By Day

10 Don’t Know What to Say

11 Romance

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BoA returns after five years with her sixth Korean album titled, “Hurricane Venus” — after busy working overseas in Japan and the United States. The upcoming album will be released to celebrate her ten year anniversary in the music industry. The title track is “Hurricane Venus”, where BoA will show her various colors. Other songs included are “GAME” and “Person Besides Me”, which were both previously released as teasers of the full album. The latter song is a ballad composed by Kim Dong Ryul.



Tei Vol. 6 – Big Advantage (August 5)

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01 Star

02 Solus (Intro)

03 Calling You Because I’m Crazy

04 Melody I Don’t Want to Hear

05 Pit a Pat ♥

06 Again…Goodbye

07 Comfort

08 First Rain After Breakup

09 Calling You Because I’m Crazy (MR)

10 Melody I Don’t Want to Hear (MR)

11 First Rain After Breakup (MR)

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Tei makes a comeback after one year and eight months with his sixth album. The title track is “Calling You Because I’m Crazy” which is a medium tempo number composed and penned by project team Honeydew’o. The song has a slight vintage feel that uses the classical guitar to capture a sad mood. Other recommended tracks are “Star” which was also composed by the same project team and “Melody I Don’t Want to Hear” which showcases Tei’s emotions.



DJ D.O.C Vol. 7 – Appreciation (released)

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01 In To The Rain – feat. YDG

02 I’m This Kind of Person

03 Tonight – feat. Ivy

04 Together

05 I Believe – feat. Kim Jang Hun

06 Suckers – feat. Maboos, J’Kyun, Swings, Deepflow, B-Free

07 This Way – feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy, J-Dogg, Sean2slow, YDG

08 Love – feat. Lee Seung Hwan

09 Letter I Didn’t Get to Send

10 Together REMIX

11 Oppa’s Not That Kind of Person

12 Fat Girl – 45RPM

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Korea’s veteran dance group, DJ DOC who released hits after hits such as “Run to You”, “Dance With DOC”, and “Summer Story” returns after six years with its seventh album, “Appreciation”. This album marks the group’s 15th anniversary in the music industry. Top composers such as Psy, Yoo Gun Hyung, and the Brave Brothers, and top artists such as Ivy, Tiger JK, and Yang Dong Gun, took part in composing and featuring in the songs. The album has two title tracks, the first being “I’m This Kind of Person” and the second being “Together”. The first song is an electronica number with fun lyrics and is expected to capture’s listeners’ ears. The second number is composed by the famous Brave Brothers and incorporates trendy sounds.



Gil Me Vol. 1 – Love Actually (released)

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01 Why You To Me – feat. Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul

02 Sorry for Loving You – feat. K.Will

03 You’re Beautiful – feat. Lisa

04 Xoxo – narr. Shin Jung Hwan

05 Fly High

06 Love is War – feat. Outsider

07 Love Sick – feat Bobby Kim

08 Love Cuts – feat. Eun Ji Won

09 Even If I Hear Just the Name

10 Hey Boy Play Boy – feat. Ceejay of Freshboyz

11 Sorry for Loving You – INST

12 Love is War – INST

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Rookie artist, Gilme releases her first album, “Love Actually” after releasing three singles, “Love Cuts” featuring Eun Ji Won, “Why You To Me” featuring Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul, and “Love Is War” featuring Outsider beforehand. Through these songs, Gilme shows listeners both her rapping and singing talents. Her new album includes these songs plus six new songs. Top artists such as Bobby Kim, Lisa, K.Will, as well as the ones mentioned before have participated in the album, further enhancing the album. The songs entail love stories that are very much possible in real life, so everyone can definitely relate to them.



Cho Young Soo All Star – Davichi (single) (released)

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01 From Me To You

02 From Me To You INST

Top female duo Davichi meets with top composer Cho Young Soo in preparation for the All Star Album following MC Mong and Seo In Young’s “Bubble Love”. The song is “From Me To You”, a bright love story with lovable lyrics and melody that will make listeners smile. The 30 member orchestra takes part in the song to create beautiful accompaniment to Davichi’s sweet and refreshing vocals. The song is perfect for the summer.



Chang Min and Lee Hyun (single) – Homme by Hitman Bang (released)

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01 Eat Well

2AM’s Chang Min and and 8eight’s Lee Hyun join hands with producer Bang Shi Hyuk for his project, Homme by “Hitman Bang” in time for the summer. The rock hybrid number, “Eat Well” uses guitar sounds and the drum to refresh listeners’ hearts. It’s the type of song that will make listeners just drop what they are doing and leave. The two artists’ powerful harmonization will definitely make listeners feel the emotions of the song.



Other releases:


Dear Cloud – Take The Air (August 5)

Jim & Friend – 4.0.6 (August 7)

Real D – Beyond The Wall (August 7)

House Rulez – Magic Television (August 7)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations