Kim Hyun Joong And Micky Yoochun Are Rivals?

MTV Korea recently started a poll that puts Kim Hyun Joong of SS501, against Micky Yoochun of DBSK in an acting battle.


MTV Korea asked fans to vote on who they think would win in ratings – Kim Hyun Joong in Korean drama remake “Playful Kiss”, airing on September 1st, or Micky Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, premiering August 30th. Although these two series will be broadcasting during different times, the ratings will be compared as DBSK and SS501 are also rivals in the music industry.


As of right now, the votes stand at 50.3% (Kim Hyun Joong) and 49.7% (Micky Yoochun). Looks like this is going to be a close race!



You can also participate by voting here. the poll will end on August 17th.