New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 August Week 1

Secret – Mini-album Vol. 2 – Madonna (August 12)

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01 Madonna

02 Lalala

03 Do Better! (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight)

04 Give Don’t Give

05 Leave Space Empty

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Girl group Secret, which consists of members Jun Hyo Sung, Song Ji Eun, Han Sun Hwa, and Zinger, gained much popularity this year with “Magic.” The group returns with its second mini album titled “Madonna.”  The title track of the same album was composed by hit maker Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum. The song is about living strongly and with much confidence in the current time period like Madonna did. Unlike the popular electronic pop dance songs popular in the Korean music scene at the moment, this song is livened with the feeling of a performance. Korea’s top brass band TST took part in the song to complete it. Also included in the album are ballad number “Leave Space Empty,” medium tempo dance track, “Lalala,” “Do Better!” which features 8eight member Baek Chan, and “Give Don’t Give” which showcases the group’s upgraded vocals.



Hwan Hee (EP) – H-Hour (released)

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01 Something Special

02 While Doing

03 I

04 Don’t Leave

05 I’ll Hurt More (Even If My Heart Hurts Part 2)

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Former Fly to the Sky member, Hwanhee, makes a comeback this summer with his second mini album, “H-Hour” – it’s been ten months since his first. This time around, Hwanhee took part in producing the album himself and with the help of composers Choi Gyu Sung, RADO, Kim Tae Hyun, and others, completed his second solo work. The title track is “While Doing,” which was composed by Choi Gyu Song and RADO. Overall, the medium tempo number has a bright feel along with a sad melody line. Hwanhee’s vocals help bring out the hurting breakup mood of the song. Other recommended songs are “I’ll Hurt More,” which was composed by Shin In Soo, who also wrote hit song, “Even If My Heart Hurts” five years ago and dance number “Don’t Leave.”



Jo Sung Mo (Special Album) – Sung Mo Meet Brave (August 10)

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01 Intro_Meet Brave

02 I Want to Cheat

03 When Tonight Passes By

04 More and More (feat. Electro Boyz)

05 Why Do We

06 You&Me

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Veteran musician Jo Sung Mo and the Brave Brothers meet – ballad and trendy music likewise meet. The title track is “I Want to Cheat”, which showcases how much Jo Sung Mo has changed – the electronic guitar riffs and the easy to follow melody line is expected to be popular among listeners. The next track is “When Tonight Passes By”, which has lyrical lyrics and a melody line perfect for Jo Sung Mo fans. “More and More” on the other hand is a R&B number where the artist’s sad vocals is emphasized. Electro Boyz, Brave Brothers’ rookie duo helps complete the song with their featured rap. Lastly, “Why Do We” has the 80’s style synth sound while You&Me has electro house and a pop feel to it, perfect for the club.



Zi-A (mini-album) – Difference (released)

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01 Just a Smile

02 I Request of You, Time (feat. Kim Yeon Ji of Seeya)

03 Insensitivity

04 I Want to Believe You          

05 Goodbye…Don’t Go

06 I’ll Teach You Love (feat. K.Will)

07 Just a Smile INST

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Zi-A transforms and makes a comeback with a new mini album titled, “Difference.” The singer already has many hit songs under her belt including “Gaze,” “Feel Like Bursting,” and “Have One Glass of Alcohol With Me.” This time, Zi-A joins hands with Jo Young Chul producer who helped Brown Eyed Girls rise to fame with “Abracadabra” and producer Choi Gap Won. The title track is “Just a Smile”, which was composed by the composer who wrote Narsha’s “Queen B” and Brown Eyed Girl’s “Glam Girl.” This hybrid ballad will show yet another side of Zi-A who’s known for her popular ballads. Other songs worth mentioning are “I Request of You, Time” which features Kim Yeon Ji of Seeya, modern rock number “Insensitivity,” and duet number “I’ll Teach You Love” with K.Will.



Seo In Gook (Special Album) – My Baby U (August 10)

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01 Beginning

02 Love U

03 My Baby U

04 Last Birthday

05 Why Are You Just Smiling

06 Prime Time (feat. Lisa)

07 At First Sight (feat. Beka of After School)

08 Love U (Lovely Version)

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Seo In Gook returns this summer with a special album and another love confession. The artist had received much popularity with “Love U” and has returned with a lovely version of the song along with a new song, “My Baby U.” The latter song was composed by Kim Do Hun, Hwang Se Jung, and PJ and penned by Wheesung. Rhymer’s featured rap making further completes the song. The phrase “My Baby” came from the drama “Lovers in Paris” where actor Park Shin Yang used it to call his lover Kim Jung Eun.



Lee Seung Gi (single) – I Must Have Been Out of My Mind (released)

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01 I Must Have Been Out of My Mind

Lee Seung Gi takes part in the soundtrack for the upcoming long-awaited drama series, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” by singing the main theme song, “I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind.” What’s better, the singer will be playing the main role in the drama as well, a year since his last role. The song was composed by the Brave Brothers and given to Lee as a gift, stirring more interest.



IU, Yoo Seung Ho (single) – Love Request (released)

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01 I Believe In Love

IU and Yoo Seung Ho meet to take part in a new pop-style duet song, “I Believe In Love” which had gained much interest even prior to the release. The song will be used for the KBS program, “Love Request” and will be first aired on the 600th episode. Composed by G.Gorilla who also wrote IU’s “Rain Drop”, it has a beautiful melody. The song was penned by IU, Yoo, and G.Gorilla. It is about what Yoo experienced in Sri Lanka while helping the war orphans there.



Koyote (single) – Jump Jump Jump (released)

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01 Jump Jump Jump

02 Jump Jump Jump INST

Korea’s representative dance group, Koyote returns this summer with a new single album titled, “Jump Jump Jump” following their singles, “Did You Even Love” and “Return.” Their new dance song was composed by Kim Se Jin and it expected to capture the interests of listeners.



Other releases:


Ilac (single) – 조각입니다 (released)

Crash – The Paragon Of Animals (August 10)

Shingaram – Crazy Rock’N Roll (August 10)

Postino – Eastern Cloud (August 12)

Oathean – Oathean (August 13)

Hajel Vol. 1 – Hajel (August 14)

Shin Ji Ho – Ebony And Ivory (August 14)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver


credits to motoway065 for translations

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