Jaebum Handwrites Thank You Letter To Fans

Sidus HQ, Park Jaebum’s current talent agency, scanned and uploaded a handwritten thank you letter from Jaebum onto his official webpage. The letter details Jaebum’s gratitude towards his fans, and contains his promise of always trying his best to make his fans proud.


Check out the scanned letter:



Here’s a translation of the letter:


Hello. It’s Jaebum.

There were so many things that have happened, but I got to see you all again because of your love and support, and you guys have no idea how happy I am about that. I can’t explain how thankful I am because I wouldn’t be here without you all. I love you guys and I thank you guys so much. From now on, whether it be through music, through acting or through performing, I will work my hardest and show only good sides of myself. I’m gonna make ya’ll proud!!! Everyone be healthy, and let’s all work hard to stay well!! keke Fighting!!!

-Park Jaebeom


Translation credit: heartfacee@allkpop