SS501’s Park Jungmin Signs With New Agency

Park Jungmin, member of SS501 has signed with a new agency called CNR Media today.

Jungmin wrote a message on his official website saying that he will be pursuing a solo career with CNR media, a joint company formed by Taiwanese drama producer Comic-Ritz and Korea’s ROY MEDIA.

Before, rumors had been swirling about Jungmin’s signing with different agencies, but the star had denied everything. He had promised that if he did sign with a new agency, his fans would be the first to know. It seems like he has kept his word.

Jungmin emphasized that he is still a member of SS501. CNR Media agreed that there would be no changes to the group, stating “Park will continue to actively take part in all activities carried out under the name of SS501…we agreed that his band activities will be his priority.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyunjoong, leader of SS501 has already signed with KEYEAST back in June. The other three members, Kim Hyungjoon, Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong, have yet to decide on their future plans.


Credit- Asiae