f(x) Member Spotted In K-Town

Since she isn’t appearing on broadcasts or any events in Korea, f(x)’s Amber is known to be currently resting in the United States.

Some fans in the United States recently posted on the official f(x) thread on Soompi forums, stating that they met Amber in Korea Town in Los Angeles. Recently, Amber has not been appearing on the weekly music shows as well as variety shows, which had many fans speculating, “Is she leaving the group?”

But the truth is, Amber is back in the United States where her parents are, on a short break to recuperate her leg injuries. The fan wrote, “I met Amber at a cafe in Korea Town; she even said hi. I asked her if she is returning to Korea soon and her answer was yes.”

Meanwhile, Amber will be present together with the other SM Entertainment singers for the 2010 SMTOWN Live Concert on August 21st.

S:Newsen, sarangsiwon210@Soompi f(x) official thread

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