Artist Of The Week – Son Dam Bi

Date of birth : September 25th 1983
Height : 169
Weight : 48
Blood type : Type O


For this week, Soompi’s featured artist is the female singer Son Dam Bi. She has it all – a powerful voice, dynamic dance moves, and attractive appearance. Her debut was anticipated by those who had a glimpse of her sensational persona on TV commercials. Unlike some female singers who appeal to the audience with only their sexy demeanor, Dam Bi complements her dancing with energetic hip hop music and steady vocals. 

She also demonstrated that she had a softer side by taking part in the original soundtrack project for online game Priston Tale 2. Taking combativeness out of her voice, her alluring and soft singing in the OST album perfectly suited the mysterious atmosphere of the game. She has even ventured into the electronica genre in her latest album, proving that she is the most versatile singer today.


Despite a relative lack of success when she first debuted, Son Dam Bi’s breakthrough hits “Becoming Crazy” and “On Saturday Night” in the last two years moved her to the upper tier among female soloists. The famous chair dance she did for the song “On Saturday Night” became her signature move fans and non-fans remembered.

Having established herself as one of the top female solo singers in Korea now, Son Dam Bi has returned after a year and four months of preparation for her third mini album, “The Queen.” The singer shows a 180 degree transformation in contrast to her past retro style bokgo dance songs. The title track is “Queen”, which incorporates electronica and rock to bring about a new style of pop dance music. The bouncy rhythms along with its addictive chorus and rap will catch listeners’ attention right away.

The title track is produced by Kim Tae Hyun, also the composer of After School’s “Bang” and other popular hits. Fellow label mate, Kahi from After School, also helped compose the sexy “Beat Up By A Girl”. The song hits the top five again and is slowly becoming another big hit for the increasingly popular singer.


# Cry Eye (1st single, 2007-06-14) : Cry Eye, Girl Like That, Alone, Start

# Change the World (Priston Tale 2 OST, 2008-02-29) : Change the World , Please, Legend of Dreams

# Mini Album Vol. 1 (2008-04-29) : Bad Boy, Antonym, Let’s Stop, etc.

# Invinsible Man (Single, 2008-08-21)

# Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol. 2 (EP, 2008-09-18)

# Son Dam Bi Remix Vol.1 (Single, 2008-11-20)

# Type B (1st album, 2009-03-24)

# Amoled (Single, 2009-07-23)

# The Queen (EP, 2010-07-08)


WATCH – queen

Source : KBS World + Daum/Melon/YahooKR + YesAsia/Youtube
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