New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 August Week 2

ERU Vol. 4 – Got To Be (August 19)

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1. Time (Feat. Shorry J from Mighty Mouth)

2. White Tears

3. Confession

4. Late Regret

5. Love Melody (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House OST)

6. Even If I Say I Love You Again

7. If Only…

8. Think About It (Feat. Joohee from 8eight)

9. I Hate Myself

10. I Will Even Love Our Break-up

11. I Believe In Love (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House OST)

12. White Tears (Inst.)

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Ballad King, ERU! He is back as a real man!


Singer Eru, who is loved by the Korean public for his captivating and distinct voice, has returned with his new album after serving two years in the military. During those two years, he has worked on the concept of his album and has expressed his strong attachment and confidence for his album to the public even after being discharged from the military. Two years ago, during the time when Eru was actively promoting hit songs off his previous albums; he boldly gave up his U.S. citizenship and immediately entered the military.

The title song of this album is “White Tears”, which is a sequel to his previous hit song “Black Glasses”. It is yet another breakup story about someone shedding white tears after taking off the black glasses. It is a traditional ballad song that only Eru can sing. This song was composed by Yoon Myung Sun, a well known composer who has composed several hit songs in the past such as Jang Yoon Jung’s “Oh My”, Eru’s “Black Glasses”, and Super Junior’s “Rokkugo”.

Besides the title song, there are many other great tracks to check out such as “I Hate Myself”, a electronic pop song that is balanced with acoustic sounds; “Confession”, a bright and happy song that is great to use as a confession song to the woman you love; and “Think About It”, a nice duet song featuring Joo Hee from 8eight.



SNSD (single) – My Friend Haechi OST (released)

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1. Haechi (Full Ver.)

2. Haechi (Opening Ver.)

3. Haechi (Ending Ver.)


A 21st century cartoon show about a creature named Haechi who brings hope to the Seoul citizens. Haechi is a very innocent and high spirited creature who gets assigned to do various tasks. Due to an incident, Haechi starts living with Sae Bom’s family. While completing various tasks, Haechi grows up to learn about people’s dreams and hopes, and the true meaning of courage and love. Top girl group SNSD sings the theme song.



Nine Muses 1st single – Let’s Have A Party (released)

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1. Ladies

2. No PlayBoy

3. No PlayBoy (Inst.)

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On August 2010, a group of nine girls are making their singing debut. Star Empire Entertainment had started preparations for this new girl group since 2008, which was based on various auditions and work experience. Nicknamed as “Model Idols”, Nine Muses had already revealed their faces and received much attention from the public even before their official debut.

In particular, members Rana and Lee Sam were ranked 1st place as super models back in 2007 and 2008 and also appeared in various CFs. Member Jae Kyung appeared in VOS’s “In Trouble” music video and worked as a fashion model. Lastly, member Eun Ji previously worked as a cheerleader and is currently making appearances on variety shows.

Unlike the usual bubbly image that many girl groups portray nowadays, Nine Muses portray more of a graceful and sophisticated image. Nine Muses debut album [Let’s have a party] was co-produced by JYP’s best producer Park Jin Young and producer Rainstone. The pop dance title track “No Playboy” was written by Park Jin Young and has a very powerful and addicting chorus.



Rainbow (single) – A (released)

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1. A

2. A (Inst.)


Rainbow’s First Digital Single “A” Release!

Rainbow debuted last November with their mini album “Gossip Girl”, and has received a lot of love from fans for their fresh and bubbly image. After eight months, they are back with their first digital single album “A”. The title track “A” was co-produced by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, which is a pop dance track with hip hop beats and a touch of rock.

The song showcases the members’ individuality and refreshing voices, as well as their great rapping skills. Unlike their fresh and bubbly concept from their first mini album “Gossip Girl”, their digital single album photo concept reveals more of a mature and sophisticated style. Through their music stage appearances, we’ll be expecting to see a different side of Rainbow that we haven’t seen in the past.



Other releases:


Onesun – New Old School (August 16)

Diablo Vol. 2 – Undefined (August 17)

Tafka Buddah Vol. 2 – Voyager (August 18)

Ko – Ooh Yeah (August 18)

Na Yoon Sun – Same Girl (August 19)

Cosmic Alley – Techno Nation Corea (August 19)

Woo Mi Jin – Cocoonature (August 19)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to purpletiger86 for translations