SBS Inkigayo 08.15.10 Performances

Performer’s List: Se7en, SHINee, BoA, miss A, MBLAQ, Hwan Hee, Infinite, Jo Sung Mo, G.NA, Secret, Rainbow, Nine Muses, GP Basic, JQT, Son Dam Bi, Hong Jin Young, Jo Soek


On yesterday’s Inkigayo, SHINee wins their second mutizen with their comeback track “Lucifer.” Meanwhile, GP Basic, who’s garnering attention due to their young ages, makes their debut through their title track “Game.” Nine Muses, who has been often compared to SNSD, also makes their debut through their track “No Playboy.” Secret and Rainbow makes their comeback. CNBlue’s Yonghwa makes a surprise guest appearance during G.NA’s stage. Miss A says goodbye, with their final performance of “Good Girl, Bad Girl.” DJ DOC, despite not performing in yesterday’s show, apologizes for their behavior towards BoA on Music Bank.


Check out all of the awesome performances below!


Yesterday’s Winner



SHINee — Lucifer



Se7en — Better Together



BoA — Hurricane Venus



Miss A — Good Girl, Bad Girl



Hwan Hee — While Doing



Infinite — She’s Back



G.NA ft. Yonghwa — I’ll Back Off So Live Well



Secret — Madonna



Rainbow — A



Nine Muses — No Playboy



GP Basic — Game



JQT — No Need To Know



Son Dam Bi — Queen



Performancer’s List Credit: redevilica@soompi

Video Credit: UnknownCarrot150@youtube, CrazyCarrot350@youtube, juliaa@soompi