BoA’s Bare Face Garners Compliments

BoA’s innocent and clear no-makeup face has lately been the talk among netizens. On August 17th, fans were able to see BoA’s bare face on Shindong and Park Gyuri’s “Shim Shim Ta Pa” viewable radio show. BoA was seen wearing simple clothing, a fedora, and no heavy accessories. Her hair was flipped behind her ears, showing a conservative look. It turns out that BoA had directly gone to the broadcast right after rehearsal practice.


Netizens left behind comments such as “It wouldn’t be a surprise if BoA got casted on streets” and “She looks like a baby.”


It’s been five years since BoA last stood on stage in Korea, and the diva has returned this month with her title track, “Hurricane Venus.” In contrast to her smoky eye makeup sported for her dance performances, her bare face recently revealed seems to be a nice change.


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Source: Newsen