Mnet M! Countdown 08.19.10 Performances

Performers: Infinite, Rainbow, GP Basic, Seo Ingook, Chaeyeon, DJ Doc, Hong Jinyoung, Nine Muses, Hwanhee, Supernova, Secret, Jo Sungmo, Eru, Navi, Mad Soul Child

It’s Thursday, so get a head start to your weekend with another episode of M! Countdown. Rookie group GP Basic takes their debut stage while Navi and Supernova have their comeback stages. There’s also great performances by Infinite, Chaeyeon and many more. DJ Doc and Seo Ingook battle it out for first place.

Winner: DJ Doc


Winning & Encore


DJ Doc – I’m This Person


Infinite – She’s Back


Rainbow – A


GP Basic – Game


Seo Ingook – My Baby U


Chaeyeon – Look Look Look


Hong Jinyoung – My Love


Nine Muses – No Playboy


Hwanhee – While Doing


Supernova – On Days That I Missed You


Secret – Madonna


Jo Sungmo – I’m Gonna Cheat


Eru – White Tears


Navi – Listen To The End


Mad Soul Child – Dear


Credit – BBSHINeeWorldKR @ youtube