MBC Music Core 08.21.10 Performances

Performer’s List – Taeyang, Se7en, BoA, Eru, Homme, Son Dam Bi, U-Kiss, Infinite, G.NA, Supernova, NAVI, Chae Yeon, Secret, Rainbow, Nine Muses, DJ DOC, GP Basic, Hong Jin Young, Double K ft. Lyn


This week’s music core was filled with hot debuts and comeback performances! Girl groups GP Basic and Nine Muses finally made their debuts on the show, while Taeyang made the crowd crazy with his comeback performance of “I’ll Be There”. BoA, SE7EN, and Son Dam Bi gave more stellar performances of their respective songs. Check them all out and more below!


GP Basic – Game


Nine Muses – No Playboy


Infinite – She’s Back


Hong Jin Young – My Love


Double K feat. Lyn – Playa Love


Navi – Listen To The End


Rainbow – A


Homme – I Ate Well


Supernova – On Days That I Missed You


Chae Yeon – Look Look Look


DJ DOC – I’m A Person Like This


Secret – Madonna


Son Dam Bi – Queen


Taeyang – I’ll Be There


SE7EN – Better Together


BoA – Hurricane Venus


Performer’s List Credit: redevilica @soompi

Video Credit: kristyy1991@youtube