New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 August Week 3

Cho Shin Sung mini-album Vol. 1 – Time To Shine (released)

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01 Intro

02 On The Days I Miss You

03 La la la

04 On The Days I Miss You (Acoustic Ver)

05 On The Days I Miss You INST

06 TTL Listen 2 (with T-ara) (feat. Lee Haeri of Davichi)

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It’s been a year since the release of Cho Shin Sung’s digital single “T.T.L (Time to Love)” with T-ara. The boy band has returned with its first mini album, “Time to Shine” after working two years in Japan. The title track is “On The Days I Miss You” which has electronica synth bass sounds and great lyrics to go along with it. Fans will be able to hear Cho Shin Sung’s hidden vocal skills. The acoustic R&B version of the song is also worth listening. “La la la” is another song in the mini album; it has strong synth sounds and hip-hop beats, making it a very trendy number.



2PM (single) – Thank You (released)

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01 Thank You

2PM releases a love song, “Thank You” for its fans, the Hottest, for always being there. The song was first heard at the boys’ concert and is finally released as a digital single for fans. It is an R&B ballad number and is about always loving one another without any reason and being thankful for this very reason. The piano arrangement is the main melody and it flows with the lyrics well.



Super Junior (single) – Tok Tok Tok (released)

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01 Tok Tok Tok

Super Junior releases “Tok Tok Tok” which was first heard at the boys’ “Super Show 3” concert. This trot number which is expected to give fans joy is about knocking and allowing a loved one into one’s heart. The melody will capture listeners’ ears right away.



Tim (single) – Love Declaration (released)

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01 Love Declaration (With Sun Yuri)

02 Love Declaration INST

Tim, actress Sung Yuri, and composer Yoon Jong Shin meet to flip the music scene around with the single, “Love Declaration.” Tim, who’s currently preparing for his fifth album, received a duet track from hit singer songwriter, Yoon Jong Shin, and when he listened to the song, he knew Sung Yuri would be the perfect candidate to sing the song with. Tim called Sung over the phone, who as a friend, agreed to work on this number. The song has a simple melody with rhythmical guitar sounds. The two singers take turns singing the chorus about not knowing love was how they perceived it to be.



Navi (single) – Listen Until The End (released)

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01 Listen Until the End

02 Listen Until the End INST

Navi who has gained quite some popularity with her duet number, “Did We Really Love” with K.Will has joined hands with composer Lee Sang Ho who’s created B2ST’s “Mystery,” “Bad Girl,” and 4Minute’s “MUZIK,” and “I MY ME MINE.” Navi’s new single, “Listen Until the End” has pop and house electronica sounds and is about warning one’s immature boyfriend. Navi herself penned the lyrics to the song, making it all the more meaningful.



Other releases:


Suki (single) – LaLaLa (released)

Ebonyhill Vol. 2 – Evolution (released)

Around Zero – Around Zero (August 25)

Park Chang Soo – Infinite Finitude (August 25)

Jambinai – Jambinai (August 25)

Pento Vol. 2 – Microsuit (August 25)

Park Sang Min Vol. 13 – 일더하기 삼 (August 26)

Ahn Jin Kyung – Be The Voice (August 26)

Bang Sa Neung –  리듬파워 (August 26)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations

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