Younha Releases New MV In Midst of Japanese Comeback

Korea’s comet, Younha returns to the Japanese music scene with her second album, “Under One Sky” which will drop in stores on September 22nd and 29th in Japan and Korea respectively. It’s been five whole years since her first full length album, and the artist’s new album will include eight new songs along with four previously released singles. The special DVD version will come with five music videos as well.


On a side note, Younha’s music video for “ソラトモ ~空を見上げて,” loosely translated as “Looking Up At the Sky” has been revealed to fans. It will be used as the support music for Japan’s biggest weather site, Weathernews. Check out the mellow acoustic number below and tell us what you think!



Source: Newsen, YouTube(weathernews) & juliaa@soompi