Jaejoong To Appear In PV

Yes, you read it right! It was announced yesterday that Jaejoong will appear on Ayumi Hamasaki’s new single “crossroad”, which will be released on September 22, 2010.


“Blossom” will be Ayumi’s 85th music video and the first music video in which she will not be making an appearance. It will be the video that Jaejoong is in. 


She said, “If I appear in the music video by myself, I might be ‘talking’ way too much.” Ayumi then decided to offer Jaejoong a role in the video, since he also recently began his activities as an actor.

“crossroad” will be challenging the record of having the most number of singles ranked first on the Oricon chart. Matsuda Seiko created that record 22 years ago with 24 singles. Ayumi trusts Jaejoong in helping her with that challenge.


Note that “Blossom” was already released last July together with “Moon” but they deciced to include it again on “crossroad”, together with the music video. “Blossom” was also used as the commercial song for the Zespri kiwifruit CF:

Source: onetvxq + Naiomi15 @ Youtube


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