Popular Drama "Baker King" on Hiatus

Due to conflicts and unresolved issues of wage and benefits the entire Korea’s Broadcasting Union comprised of staffs, actors, singers, and artists announced late on Sunday that they will strike indefinitely – until the issues are resolved and an agreement can be made. This means that shows such as KBS 2TV’s popular soap opera “Baker King, Kim Tak-gu,” SBS’ “Giant,” “I Am Legend,” and MBC’s “Gloria,” and “Kim Su-ro” will be put on hold for weeks if not months depending on how quickly the issue can be resolved according to a recent presss release. Additionally it states that:

“Though some shows don’t have payment issues, the possibility of cases like this occurring in the future is very likely. Unless the companies come up with systematic regulations we can agree on, we will continue our boycotts,” said the press release.

The associate contests that broadcasters have failed to pay an estimated 4,368 million won in wages to the actors, singers, comedians and others as of July 31. A statement by the chairman, Kim Eung-suk, states “Though we’ve tried our best to solve payment problems during the last two years, it was of no avail. Rather, companies and subcontractors have taken advantage of us instead.”

The association is not ruling out the possibility of resolution and have stated that they are open and willing to negotation. However this will take time and in the meantime, viewers will be without the top dramas in the weeks to come.