New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 August Week 4

FT Island mini-album Vol. 2 – Beautiful Journey (released)

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01 Love Love Love

02 Calluses Being Stuck

03 Baby Love

04 Going Crazy For Only You

05 Don Quixote’s Song

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FT Island makes a comeback after a year with its second mini album “Beautiful Journey.” The band had been quite busy the past months with their Japanese activities. The new album includes five new tracks, with “Love Love Love” being the title track. The album follows the concept of going on vacation as shown through the album jacket and 24-page photo booklet.



Wheesung – Real Slow Is Back (August 30)

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01 Even Thought of Marriage

02 Rose

03 Love, That Bad Disease

04 Even Thought of Marriage MR

05 Rose MR

06 Love, That Bad Disease MR

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Respected artist, Wheesung, who’s capable of working with all sorts of genres – ballad, R&B, dance, rock, and so forth returns after ten months with a new single album, “Real Slow is Back.” It includes title track “Even Thought of Marriage” and newly arranged versions of “Rose” and “Love, That Bad Disease” – songs that were included in his sixth album. “Even Thought of Marriage” is a powerful R&B dance number composed by renowned composed Kim Do Hun and penned by Wheesung himself. It has strong sounds backed up with the artist’s solid vocals. The song is about a man who feels sad and pathetic when a lover he even decide to marry, leaves him.



Sistar 2nd single – Shady Girl (September 1)

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01 Drop the Beat feat. B2K

02 Shady Girl

03 Don’t Like Weak Men

04 Shady Girl INST

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2010’s rookie group, Sistar, makes its comeback with its second single album. The title track is “Shady Girl,” a dance number with strong hip-hop beats and lyrics. It was composed by the Brave Brothers and produced by world renowned producer Eliot Kennedy, upgrading the song a notch. The song holds lyrics about how a girl may seem a bit “shady” in front of a lover, but it’s because they want to look nice for him. Also included in the album is “Drop the Beat” which features popular hip-hop band, B2K.



2PM (single) – Fly To Seoul “Boom Boom Boom” (released)

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01 Fly to Seoul “Boom Boom Boom”

2PM releases “Fly to Seoul ‘Boom Boom Boom’” a dance song that promotes Seoul, the capital city of South Korea that never seems to sleep. Through this song and music video, 2PM depicts what Seoul has to offer, ranging from fashion, culture, and so forth.



Park Hyo Shin (single) – I Love You (released)

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01 I Love You

Veteran artist, Park Hyo Shin releases “I Love You,” the first song for the long awaited drama series, “Athena.” Park has already participated in the soundtrack for hit dramas including “I’m Sorry I Love You” and “Iljimae,” gaining much love and recognition for them – thus it is no surprise that this song was also anticipated by many. The singer does a great job showcasing his vocals and is expected to capture listeners’ ears.



Narsha (single) – Mama Mia (released)

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01 Mama Mia (With Sunny Hill)

02 Bbi Ri Bba Bba (East4A Club Vocal Mix)

Narsha who spent the past month promoting her solo activities with “Bbi Ri Bba Bba” has returned with a digital repackaged version of her mini album. Her follow-up track, “Mama Mia” is a dance number produced by Cho Young Chul, composed by Lee Min Soo, and penned by Kim Ina. The following were responsible for Brown Eyed Girls’ songs, “Abracadabra,” “LOVE,” and “My Style,” making this new single a hot issue. The song uses strong drum beats and lively synthesizer sounds which seem to flow well with Narsha’s vocals. Junior group, Sunny Hill is also makes a featured in this number.



Other releases:


Nomolla Family (single) – Give Me One More (August 30)

The Flinn Vol. 1 – Beatles Over Zeppelin (August 30)

Hybrefine Vol. 1 – 2010 (August 31)

4Men + E-Tribe – You (August 31)

Uptown Vol. 7 – Ptown7: Surprise! (September 1)

Goofy mini-album Vol. 1 – Unplugged Soul (September 2)

Rubystar 2nd mini-album – 맑음 때때로 흐리고 비 (September 2)

Nomad – Be Mad, No Mad (September 2)

Choi Ji Wook – 일탈 (September 2)

Jason Lee – Show Me (September 3)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations