MBC Music Core 08.28.10 Performances

Performer’s List – SE7EN, Taeyang, SHINee, FT Island, BoA, Secret, Sistar, G.NA, Rainbow, Eru, Infinite, Supernova, Double K ft. Lyn, Norazo, Jang Yoon Jung, ZiA, JQT, F1RST


On this week’s Music Core, FT Island marks their return to the show after a short hiatus! SISTAR also gives a performance fit for a “Shady Girl”, and G.NA is definitely a “Supa Solo” star. BoA pulls off another spectacular performance of “Hurricane Venus”, and Wheesung is as awesome as ever! See these performances below, and more!


BoA – Hurricane Venus


F1RST – You Like Me, I Like You


INFINITE – She’s Back


Supernova – On Days That I Missed You


U-Kiss – Smoke Free Song


G.NA – Supa Solo




Rainbow – A


SISTAR – Shady Girl


SHINee – Lucifer


Taeyang – I’ll Be There


Se7en – Digital Bounce


 Secret – Madonna


ZiA – Laughter 


Wheesung – I Thought To Marry


Double K Feat. Ryn – Playa Love

Performer’s List Credit: redevilica @soompi

Video Credit: ziiwex; 11xrauren; CrazyCarrot260 @youtube