New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 September Week 3

V.O.S – The Blue Bird: Special Mini-Album Part 1 (released)

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01 Time For Love

02 ..Feel Like Dying

03 Full Story

04 Gonne Be the Melody

05 Full Story (INST) (Chorus Ver)

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V.O.S returns after a year with part one of their special mini album titled, “The Blue Bird.” The group took part in producing the album, taking one step further as musicians. The title track is “Full Story,” an emotional ballad composed by hit maker, Han Sang Won. The two members of V.O.S also took part in creating this number. V.O.S’s soft yet strong vocals are apparent in this Korean style emotional ballad.





2AM – Acoustic OST Part.1 (released)

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01 L.O.V.E

02 L.O.V.E (INST)

2AM is the first guest singer to take part in the soundtrack for the music movie, “Acoustic” starring Shin Se Kyung, Lim Seul Ong of 2AM, and Lee Jong Hyun and Kang Min Hyuk of CN Blue. The group will show dreams, hope, and love through this mellow number.





Son Dam Bi (single) – Db Rider (released)

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01 dB Rider (New Ver)

02 dB Rider (INST)

Son Dambi returns as a “cat woman,” transforming 180 degrees for her new pop dance single, “dB Rider.” This song already gained much attention from fans as it was almost decided as the title track for her mini album, “The Queen.” The dynamic vocals and groovy sounds are the catch to this follow-up track.





Lee Seung Ki (single) – Love You From Now On (released)

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01 Love You From Now On

Lee Seung Gi releases “Love You From Now On” for the hit drama series, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.” The song, which was composed by Kim Do Hoon fits perfectly with the current storyline where the protagonist, Cha Dae Woong is now sure of his love for the fox. This ballad is expected to receive much love from drama viewers this Fall.





Park Hyo Shin (single) – Goodbye Love (released)

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01 Goodbye Love

02 Goodbye Love INST

Park Hyo Shin who rose to number one on charts with “I Love You” for the Athena soundtrack returns after a year with a new digital single, “Goodbye Love.” This is a surprise gift to fans in time for Park’s 2010 Gift2 Live Tour as well as his upcoming album. The ballad was co-composed by hit makers Kim Do Hoon and Hwang Se Jun and penned by Kang Eun Kyung.





BEAST (single) – Clench One’s Fist (released)

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01 Clench One’s Fist

BEAST returns after much success earlier this year with a R&B ballad number, “Clench One’s Fist” in midst of their upcoming third mini album, “Mastermind.” This song was composed by hit maker Ahn Young Min and the midi accompaniment blends well with the members’ vocals.





Miss $ (single) – Miss Independent (released)

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01 What Did You Do At This Age

02 Love Shot (feat. Skul1)

03 Over (feat. Ji Eun)

Miss $ returns more mature both music and artist-wise with a new digital single titled, “Miss Independent.” Korea’s hip-hop “big daddy, Rhymer produced the entire album, helping bring out Miss $’s colors. The title track is “What Did You Do At This Age,” a medium tempo hip-hop number with lyrics about not knowing love even at an older age. Jung Seul Gi’s vocal featuring helps bring out the sad mood of the song.





Lim Jung Hee (single) – Road to Breakup (released)

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01 Road to Breakup feat. Jo Kwon of 2AM

Diva Lim Jeong Hee and Jo Kwon meet for duet number, “Road to Breakup” in midst of the former singer’s comeback mini album, “It Can’t be Real” due on September 30th. The song holds a special meaning because it’s a collaboration between former vocal teacher (Lim) and student (Jo) and also because Jo Kwon had always wanted to sing a duet with her. The song was composed by top producer, Bang Shi Hyuk (hitman bang), making it all the more anticipated.





Tony An (single) – Going To Meet You Right Now (released)

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01 Going to Meet You Right Now

Tony An returns with a new single, “Going to Meet You Right Now,” a bright medium tempo number composed by KZ and Gom Dul Guk, known for Zia’s “Just Laughter,” Lee Hyori’s “Don’t Cry,” and Brown Eyed Girl’s “Glam Girl.” Family members, friends, as well as fans will enjoy this, released after the artist spent two years in the army.





Other releases:


San E (debut album) – Everybody Ready (released)

Jung Yeop – Love You, Without You (released)

Jang Hye Jin Remake Album (released)

No Reply Vol. 2 – Dream (released)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations

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