missA Releases “Breathe" MV

Rookie group, missA releases its second single album, “Step Up” along with the music video for “Breathe” today. The album includes four tracks – “Breathe,” “Step Up,” “Blankly,” and “Play that Music DJ.”


“Breathe” was composed and penned by JYP and is believed to bring out this album’s color and style best. The Jamaican reggae rhythms and the hip-hop sounds fuse well, perfecting the song. The cute and funky lyrics, “I can’t breathe because of the nervousness of one-sided love” is expected to catch listeners’ ears.


Check out missA’s new songs that seem to contrast in style from their powerful debut track, “Bad Girl Good Girl.”


The girls will make their comeback on October 7th on Mnet Countdown! Be sure to watch out for it!


Breathe MV


01 Step Up



03 Blankly


04 Play that Music DJ




Source: Newsen, YouTube(jenningyou, missa) & juliaa @soompi

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