New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 October Week 2

Ga In – Step 2/4 (October 13)

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01 Nitchell (Baby-G Mix)

02 Irreversible

03 Tango The Night

04 Esperando

05 Ga In (Singer)

06 Truth

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Brown Eyed Girls’ member, Ga In releases her first solo album after gaining much success with the rest of the group last year with “Abracadabra.” Jo Young Chul, who produced Brown Eyed Girls’ third album, “Sound-G” also took part in this EP along with other top staff members. The album revolves around the tango genre, hence the album title, “Step 2/4” which is the basic rhythm for the dance. The title track is “Irreversible,” co-composed by hit makers Yoon Sang and Lee Min Soo. The polished chord work, great melody, and rhythm making mesh well with the synth sounds, producing an electronica fused tango number.





Hwa Yobi (mini-album) – Woman Like Me (October 14)

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01 Woman Like Me

02 Bad Man

03 Uni

04 Woman Like Me (Acoustic Guitar Version)

05 Uni (Instruments)

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Singer songwriter, Hwayobi returns after her seventh album with a new mini album titled, “Woman Like Me.” The artist once again composed and penned all the songs, upgrading the album a notch. The title track is “Woman Like Me,” which has very realistic lyrics about a woman’s feelings. The more mature artist is accompanied by top guitarist, Ham Chun Ho’s acoustic guitar playing in the alternative version included in the track.





See Ya (single) – Twentyth Urban (released)

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01 So That Breakup Won’t Come

02 So That Breakup Won’t Come (INST)

Seeya is the second guest to take part in composer Lee Kyung Sup’s 20th Anniversary Project titled, “Twentyth Urban.” The song, “So That Breakup Won’t Come,” was originally part of the soundtrack for the popular 2002 drama series, “Romance.” Seeya members, Kim Yeon Ji and Lee Boram bring their own colors to Page’s number.





Davichi (single) – Shin Seung Hoon 20th Anniversary with Davichi (released)

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01 Event That Causes Two Breakups

Davichi sings, “Event That Causes Two Breakups” for veteran singer, Shin Seung Hun’s 20th anniversary album. The album will include remakes of Shin’s hit songs covered by junior artists along with a brand new song. Four artists will release a song in October, one every Thursday. Female duo, Davichi is the first guest and will sing, “Event That Causes Two Breakups” which is a ballad song included in Shin’s 9th album.





Other releases:


Norazo (single) – 표절작: 널 부르다 (released)

Island City Vol. 1 – Island City (October 12)

Jiggy Dogg – Dogged Mind (October 13)

Pianism – Memories (October 13)

Smash Bounce – Show Tme (October 13)

April 2nd – 시부야 34℃ (October 13)

B-Free – The Ticket (October 14)

Anna (debut single) – 5분만 (October 14)

Sway – A Few Memories (October 14)

Shout Of Zion – Flying Salvation Train (October 14)

E.via – Viapolar (October 15) 

Guillotine – Passion Of Fire (October 15)

Lee So Wor – For The First Time (October 15)

Conic Section – Proper Motion (October 15)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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