Under the Radar – Standing Egg

스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/standingEGG | http://twitter.com/golden_groove

Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/standing_EGG



클로버 (Clover)
 Vocal, Guitar
Real name: 진경민 (Jin Kyung Min)
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/ohmy0101

한결 (Han Kyul)
 Double bass

하나 (Hana)



Standing Egg is a mixed group consisting of Clover (vocalist), Hana (Djembe) and Han Kyul (double bass). Their music would be described as very relaxing and sweet indie music. They released their first single in April of this year, which consisted of three extremely delightful tracks. “La la la” was the first track released with an animated music video. It is a very upbeat yet charming track that really lured oneself into their music. “사랑한다는 말” and “Kiss” are the more calming type of songs that possesses something very alluring and profound. They too were accompanied with their own music video clip.

Vocalist Clover released his solo single “어느 파도” a couple months after their group release. Still retaining that pleasant, calming feel, his solo single was very much pleasing to the ears. Clover also does amazing covers like that of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” and Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” 

Standing Egg’s music makes one feel jittery and happy and at the same time the beautiful simple rhythms of the songs make one feel very at peace. Quite honestly, it was difficult to resist listening to their music because they were so well created to fit almost anyone’s music taste. 




Standing Egg

01. 사랑한다는 말
02. La La La
03. Kiss

클로버 (Clover) – 어느 파도 (Single)

01. 어느 파도
02. 붉은 달 (Feat. 소히)



사랑한다는 말 MV

La La La MV

Kiss (MV)

Kiss [Indie2Go Live]
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (Clover Cover)
Ne-Yo – So Sick (Clover Cover)
Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter (Clover Cover)