Under the Radar – RARE


레어 (RARE)
: ZEST Entertainment

Real name:
 남상혁 (Nam Sang Hyuk)
Born: March 12, 1988
Physique: 173cm, 57kg
Blood Type: B
Special skills: Dance music lyrics
Hobbies: listening to music, choreography, weaving, rap making
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/nsh0312



Rare debuted in September 2010 as a male soloist. He has a natural talent for music, which shows clearly in his album. “Nightmare” is Rare’s debut track. It has a strong beat and addictive melody. As so, his other two tracks “Where Are You” and “New Star” have that strong rhythm and very catchy tune. Rare gives off a different vibe, as you can see from his live performances.

Though Rare has not yet performed on any of the four major music programs, he has performed at small events at Lotte World, Y-star’s Live Power Music, Arirang’s The M Wave and other various places. His company’s Cyworld town site also uploads his dance practice videos as well as fancams. Since he is still new to the music scene, he has a lot to improve on. With his growing fanbase (as is visible through his ‘meet & greet’ videos), we hope to see what he will bring to the music industry.


The New Star (Single)

01. 악몽
02. New Star
03. 어디있니..






Meet & Greet 3



Where Are You Dance Practice



Nightmare Dance Practice



[101024] Nightmare Live