Behind the Scenes at the M-Wave!

Camera crew on a little train that glides from one side of the stage to the other!

Hello everyone! j3npark here to share with you guys my first experience of The M-Wave on Arirang TV! This is just a preview though, so make sure to check the whole show on Sunday at 6PM!


So without further ado, let’s get started.


If you read last week’s coverage of the show, you’ll know that we actually watch the show as press! It’s awesome because we get to sit in a special “press” section that’s pretty close to the stage. We are also given a schedule of the taping so that we have an idea of what’s going on. Fun!


Press pass & schedule!


The first singer to grace the stage was HAM with “So Sexy”! They put on a awesome performance with strong vocals and great dancing.


HAM performing “So Sexy”


Next on stage was Woo Eun Mi with her song “Catch Me” (잡아줘요)! When she stepped onto the stage, everyone was commenting on how small she was because she was tiny! However, her voice was not small at all. Her strong voice filled the studio and wowed all of us. She was one of the “super rookies” for this episode of M-Wave, and she definitely deserved the title!

Woo Eun Mi performing “Catch Me”

Sook Hee took the stage next with her song “Heart, Don’t Do It” (가슴아 안돼). She was very bright and cheerful and bowed to both the audience and staff before she started singing. She took us all by surprise with her powerful voice and her ability to convey such sad lyrics so beautifully.

Sook Hee singing “Heart, Don’t Do It”


And last but not least, another super rookie, VNT! These girls were so young and fresh! They performed their song “Sound (Yeah Yeah Yeah)” (소리 (예예예)) with lots of energy and spirit. The song had a very urban, hip hop feel to it – with choreography and outfits to match! Their vocals and dancing skills were strong, too. Good luck to VNT! Make sure to keep an eye out for them!


VNT performing “Sound (Yeah Yeah Yeah)”

Although VNT was the last to perform, G.NA made an appearance in the studio, not to perform, but to record her MC parts. (No Alexander and Kevin this week!) She was very friendly and bubbly, saying hello to all the staff as she walked in. She then said hello to the audience. There were a lot of Japanese fans in the audience today, so G.NA did her best to greet the audience in Japanese. They loved it!

G.NA talking to staff

One thing that surprised me was that the MC parts were not recorded in the order that we (TV viewers) see it! G.NA came out last and recorded several parts all in a row. Oh, the secrets of television production. �de42 And speaking of television production, it ain’t easy people! G.NA had a difficult time recording the last MC segment where she says goodbye. However, after a few NGs, she managed to get it down perfectly.


Well, that’s it for this week! Hope you guys enjoyed!


P.S. For all you U-KISS fans out there, keep an eye out for next week’s coverage of the M-Wave! Alexander and Kevin will be back! �de42

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