Music Core Experience # 3 (11.06.10)

Music Core 11.06.10

(FOR THE LACK OF ARTISTS PICS: The guards will use PHYSICAL force to remove you, take your camera and ban you if caught taking pictures of performances). Korea’s laws protect its own laws, not its citizens in this case. 

I’ve been heading to Music Core for the past non-consecutive weeks –only to be interrupted by a thrilling Asia Song Festival. This would be third time at Music Core and my second time witnessing the finesse of Girls Generation, a girl band that have ignited the souls of millions, and who have enthralled us into flames of passions never to be quenched by even a legion of anti’s.

While waiting in the non-existent line, I decided to roam around and see what kind of luck I had that day. And indeed, I found Chae Jung Ahn filming her latest drama “Queen of Reversals” at MBC in the lobby! I also spotted her co-star, Jeong Jun Ho from IRIS.


Lee Si Young filming @ MBC dream center




If you come to music core, you better come early, especially if your favorite group is on the HOT STAGE or COMEBACK stage. There’s always more than one show during the day. Read more:

Comebacks: You need to be checking in by 8:30. When I checked in at 8:30, I was one of the last 5 to get into the rehearsal for SNSD during their comeback week (last week).

A. 11am rehearsal (for comebacks) When an artist makes a comeback, they will have a rehearsal stage just for them. You can watch the artist perform the same song 3-5x.

B. 2o’clock RECORDING

If the show isn’t during a comeback week, you can show up at around 10-ish and sign up . My friends who came at noon weren’t early enough to get on the recording list.

The recording is just during an estimated time and can be a couple hours before this time. Typically, you can watch a recording for just one or two artists just before the live show occurs. I highly recommend you get signed up early for this.

C. 3pm Live show

Came late? Just about everyone is let into this show. You need to be here by 12:30 to get signed up. I suggest signing up with a small group like UKiSS or 2ne1 if you decide to come late.

Security can be a pain at MBC, but try to just watch their hand signals and follow everyone else. They are inviting you into their complex for FREE, so you need to play by their rules (like it or not).


Music Core waiting...

Ok so off to the show!

I watched Girls Generation during recording and they did 5 takes of Hoot! I gotta love the free Yuri and Hyoyeon card they gave me for queuing with SNSD group.

There was this one guy was doing a loud, low sounding growl. And the girls’ were mocking it, doing it themselves –followed by giggling! The fans were very pleased to hear that the girls were playing along with them. It was fun to see SNSD having so much fun. Watching recordings are fun because you can see so many versions and then of course the outtakes between parts.

So I was let out at 3:00 and just in time to get back into the Ukiss line! In just about 20 minutes later, we were escorted into the main live show with all the other artists. Btw, Ukiss fan club members will have u throw out your balloon if you come queue with them.. =/

A few highlights:

PSY: How was he? Incredible. That guy can really OWN a stage. He sounds like he’s 10 years younger and dances up a storm like he’s also 10 years younger. 2pm came to the audience to dance along with PSY, even if you weren’t a fan of these 2, there was no denying how entertaining their performance was!

Younha: Pretty much an underrated singer in Korea, she’s a bit invisible under the glow of Kpop groups. But still, her charisma and big voice enveloped the stage. Need I say she looked sexy sporting her new blonde long locks?

Co Ed School: I’ve been a fan of this song– well since my failed realization that I was actually next to them in line at Coffee Prince. I took to myself to learn more about them to save me the embarrassment. I think NOW I’ll be able to recognize them.

Girls Generation:
What more can I say? I can rant on and on how much I love them.. I was so into the new cowboy look they had. What about Yuri’s glistening thighs under the spotlight? Taeyeons room-filling voice and cuteness? Jessica’s wink? Sooyoung’s hip solo? Why would any guy miss this? The fan chant is quite cool, but I don’t have it down yet. Anyone want to help me?

Heading out of MBC, there was this…. Free Makulri festival What?? Only in Korea is a place where u can watch your favorite singers perform –then drink enough to get drunk (if you choose) all for FREE.

Other stuff: You know what? Across the street from the parking lot is the Dream mart. They have this kimchi fried riceball, and boy is it amazing. I’m NOT kidding. Suguishi and I were like totally into it. We came back this week to get it again. What is in this stuff? Seriously, its better than any other rice I’ve eaten at the several restaurants in Korea. Its chilled but the rice isn’t hard? Texture of rice was perfect. Its just enough spicy? What? The flavors are like a blast in your mouth? All for 600 won a piece? Dude. GET IT!

The Music core isn’t just some show u go to, it’s an EXPERIENCE. You go there and expect to be blown away. Although you can’t take pictures inside, bring them anyways. You don’t know who’ll you bump into or what celebrity is getting a cup of coffee. What are you waiting for? Come to Korea!

( I do have a few pics from last weeks perf if u really want to see them)

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