Shinhwa Member Denies Dating Actress

After rumors swirled about that Shinhwa member Jun Jin was dating actress Chae Min Seo, Jun Jin’s entertainment agency, Open World Entertainment, issued a statement denying the gossip.


“We have checked with Jun Jin and he confirmed that the two are not dating. They have met and had dinner but it was with several other fellow actors,” an representative for Open World Entertainment was quoted as saying.


The representative continued, “We have also confirmed this with Chae’s agency as well and they too have revealed that the dating rumors are not true. Lately there have been several cases where people use stars for noise marketing so we believe this might be one of those cases.”



Jun Jin is currently serving his mandatory two-year service for the Korean military, working as a public service worker in Kangnam. He debuted in 1998 as a member of Shinhwa, one of Korea’s most popular boy bands. Since then, he has appeared on TV and released several solo albums.


Chae Min Seo debuted in 2002 and has acted in many movies and dramas.