KARA Releases Seven-Set "Star Card Collection"

KARA has issued a seven-set card collection consisting of a whopping 105 photos. The cards, which were produced by SBS Contents Hub, went on sale on Gmarket last Wednesday. They will also be available in stores around the country on November 24. 


“Star collection cards” promoting music groups such as DBSK, SNSD, and SS501, have proved popular throughout Korea. KARA, whose latest single, “Jumping” recently advanced to the fifth spot on Japan’s prestigious Oricon chart, has enjoyed success in both Korea and Japan.


Here’s a preview of the seven sets of KARA cards:


Pure gold rare cards



Autographed piece rare cards




Holographic color foil rare cards



Holographic rare cards



Matte rare cards



Color foil rare cards



Normal cards



Source: asiae.co.kr, Gmarket


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