New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 November Week 2

Kara 4th mini-album – Jumping (November 15)

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01 Love Is

02 Jumping

03 Burn

04 Binks

05 With

06 Jumping INST

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Kara who has been promoting and gaining popularity in Japan releases “Jumping” in both Korea and Japan. The title track is of the same title and is a pop dance number co-composed by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo. The song incorporates both retro sounds from the 80’s and current euro pop sounds. The song is about wanting to go back to the past to one’s past love. “Love Is” is another pop dance number which showcases Jiyoung’s solo rap and Seungyun’s narration. Also included in this mini album is hip-hop styled number, “Blink,” teen-pop number, “Binks,” and pastel-toned, “With.”



Orange Caramel mini-album – Ah-Ing (November 18)

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01 Ah-Ing

02 One Love

03 Still…

04 Standing Here

05 Ah-Ing INST

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Orange Caramel who has done quite well with their debut song, “Magic Girl” returns this fall with a lovely image. Their title track is “Ah-Ing” which was created by the Jo Young Soo – Wheesung combo who also created, “Magic Girl.” The song is expected to be yet another hit with its trendy Korean sounds. The lyrics, “Again and again ah-ing ah-ing; I’m happy, so ah-ing ah-ing…” are very addicting and energetic. The song will be about the feelings formed over a crush. Also included in the album is “Still…” which was composed and penned by Reina, the main vocalist of After School.



Buzz Special Album – Fuzz Buzz (November 16)

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01 Don’t Like Women (feat. Venny)

02 Don’t Know Men

03 Buzzing Rock

04 The Time Love Stops (Song by Min Kyung Hun)

05 Short Film Abount Forgiveness

06 Giant For You

07 Breakup Collector (Song By Min Kyung Hun)

08 Trip to Leave Me

09 Coward

10 Don’t Like Women (feat. Venny) (Radio Version)

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Buzz returns with a special album as a new two member band – existing member Yoon Woo Hyun and new vocalist. Through this album, fans can hear two songs with the former artist Min Kyung Hun along with three Buzz songs remade with the new singer’s vocals. The title track is “Don’t Like Women” which was composed by Ko Suk Young who has worked with the band ever since their birth, with songs such as “Coward” and “Trip to Leave Me.” “Don’t Like Women” has sounds and music styles Koreans enjoy most. Another title track is “Buzzing Rock” which has sounds never heard before in the Korean music scene. It has strong beats and guitar sounds along with fast tempo and electric sounds.



KCM – Alone Part 2: From My Soul (released)

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01 Memories (Intro)

02 Love Bear

03 Have You Tried Before

04 Man Like Me

05 3 Years Have Passed

06 Do It Together (feat. Zito)

07 One Day (feat. Suk Hee)

08 Love Bear INST

09 Man Like Me INST

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KCM who has contributed in various soundtracks has recently received much love by singing the main theme song for the character played by Yoon Shi Yoon in the popular drama series, Baker King, Kim Tak Goo. The singsong writer returns this month with a new mini album, “Alone Part 2: From My Soul” which he produced himself. The title track is “Love Bear” which is an emotional ballad with unique vocals only KCM can bring out. The song is about finding love from a person who loves silently like a bear.



4minute (single) – Rolling Stars OST (released)

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01 Home Run

Popular girl group, 4Minute sings the title song for the upcoming animated movie, “Rolling Stars.” The strong beats and lyrics about challenge are expected to catch listeners’ ears. Fans of both the movie and singers will enjoy this song.



Secret Garden OST Part 1 (released)

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01 That Woman – Baek Ji Young

02 Here I Am – 4Men, Mi

03 Watching – Yoon Sang Hyun

The first part of the soundtrack for upcoming drama series, “Secret Garden” starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won has been released. Top artists such as Baek Ji Young and 4Men are to take part in the OST. The first part includes “That Woman” sung by Baek Ji Young who has taken part in many soundtracks including the one for recent hit series, “Iris.” This ballad was composed by Jeon Hae Sung and penned by Won Tae Yeon. Another song is “Here I Am” sung by 4Men and Mi. This duet was produced by Vibe member, Yoon Min Soo.



Ryeo Wook (Super Junior) (single) – Smile Again (released)

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01 Smile Again (My Pleasant House OST)

Top artists take part in the soundtrack for drama series, “My Pleasant House” including Bobby Kim, Monday Kiz, and Lyn. Ryeowook of Super Junior takes part in the third part of the soundtrack series with “Smile Again.” This song which is about getting hurt from love, is perfect for the winter season. The song was composed by Korea’s top drama OST Hallyu composer, Oh Jun Sung.



Other releases:


GP Basic (single) – I’ll Be There (released)

Min Young Ki – The First: 걷다가 (released) Ah – Together Forever Vol. 1 (released)

2NB (single) – New Sing: 그대죠 (released)

Bobby Kim/Double K (single) – 너 하나만 못해 (released)

Nassun/G.O (single) – One (November 15)

Chocotree – Black (November 15)

Bye Bye Sea Vol. 1 – City Complex (November 16)

YB – 나는 나바 (November 16)

Huh Gak mini-album Vol. 1 – 언제나 (November 17)

Park Jung Hyun – Cover Me Vol. 1 (November 18)

Dia Vol. 1 – My Story (November 18)

Yurisangja Vol. 11 – 열한번째 (November 18)

Deepgray – I’m Already Born Before (November 18)

Various Artists – Sky OST (November 18)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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