Kim Hyung Joon is set to debut in the musical “Caffeine, which opens in Korea on November 24. Because fellow bandmate Park Jung Min has appeared in several musicals, whereas Kim Hyung Joon never has, Park made an offer that only Kim could refuse, apparently.

“Park offered to teach me to act but I didn’t respond once and then I politely turned him down the next time he asked,” said Kim Hyung Joon. When asked how his SS501 bandmates reacted to the news that he had been cast in a musical, he admitted, “Everyone was surprised. [But] they all congratulated me wholeheartedly and promised to come watch me perform. I’m happy that I have something to show off to them about.”

We don’t know why Kim Hyung Joon turned down his bandmate — we would jump at the opportunity to have Park Jung Min teach us anything! In any case, Kim will play the role of a sommelier in this love story about a sommelier and a barista whose ex-lovers get married as soon as they break up with them. “Caffeine” is scheduled to run until January 23. Here is a photo of him looking suitably stylish during the “Caffeine” press conference, held in Seoul on November 15. Break a leg!