JYP Shares Dinner with 2PM and 2AM Members

What could be better than enjoying a sushi dinner with the members of 2AM and 2PM (just to keep things balanced)? Well, JYP (Park Jin Young) probably doesn’t think it’s a big deal, since that’s what he did yesterday. 2AM’s Seulong and 2PM’s Junsu Tweeted photos of their dinner with the JYPE CEO and 2AM’s Jinwoon.


Seulong captioned his photo with: “Junsu, Jinwoon, Park Jin-young and I came to get some sushi (laugh). A picture of our youngest member and Park Jin-young.”



Meanwhile, Junsu captioned his photo with: “Eating out with the cute Park Jin-young, Seulong and Jinwoon.”



Netizens responded quickly with: “Aw, it’s the JYP family eating out. How cute!”, “Big happy family”, and “Adorable!”


Just to throw in a bonus, here’s another recent picture Seulong posted on his Twitter: some of the boys showing off their well-earned muscles at the gym!



Source: asiae.co.kr, 2PM Junsu’s Twitter, 2AM Seulong’s Twitter