Are 2PM’s Taecyeon and WG’s Sohee Sharing Secrets?

The Wonder Girls and 2PM traveled to Thailand last week to prepare for the “MNet Ultimate Live Asia” concert.  At the press conference held on Friday, hawk-eyed netizens noted a quick exchange between Taecyeon and Sohee.  They posted the photo with a joking caption that read: “Sohee broke our hearts when Taecyeon whispered his secrets to her!”  What were those secrets?  We will probably never know!  The netizens also noted how cute Sohee’s smile was while Taecyeon spoke with her.  



To get your minds off the heartbreak (just kidding!), here are some cute photos of the Wonder Girls.  The concert was held on November 14.  We’re sure it went WONDERfully!  (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)



Source: Nate