G-Dragon Dating Japanese American Model Kiko Mizuhara?

Rumors continue that G-Dragon is dating Japanese American model Kiko Mizuhara, as recent photos of the two wearing alleged “couple rings” surfaced on the Internet. Netizens also saw evidence in the fact that the two of them use iPhones (Mizuhara’s white, G-Dragon’s black). 



Last summer, YG Entertainment denied rumors that G-Dragon was dating Mizuhara, but admitted that the two are good friends. Nonetheless, netizens were quick to point out that G-Dragon had once pointed to Mizuhara’s image in a magazine as being appealing to him, and many photos of the two sporting a similar-looking ring with a wide band have been posted on various websites.



We’ll sit on the fence when it comes to this topic: We personally have no objections to G-Dragon dating someone he truly likes, but we will also admit that netizens are sometimes quick to jump to conclusions! Prefer not to think about it? Here’s a cute photo from his recent CF to distract you. Who better to endorse GMarket than G-Dragon?!?


Source: Nate