Jang Dong Gun’s Hollywood Debut to Open on December 3

Jang Dong Gun will make his Hollywood debut playing the lead role in “The Warrior’s Way”, which will open in theaters throughout the U.S. on December 3.  Film stills have been released which depict Jang sharing a romantic embrace with co-star Kate Bosworth.



“The Warrior’s Way” tells the story of an assassin who is forced to hide in a small town in the American badlands after he refuses to kill a child.  Bosworth plays a circus knife thrower, and Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush plays the town drunk.  The movie is an unusual hybrid of Western and martial arts, action and fantasy.  It was directed by Sngmoo Lee. 


Bosworth will visit Korea next week to attend the world premiere on November 22. 





Source: Chosun Ilbo