Who Was the Ninth SNSD Member at the Korea Film Awards?

SNSD was scheduled to perform at the 8th Korea Film Awards held at the Sejong Center in Seoul on November 18. Unfortunately, Tiffany’s recent knee injury meant that the group was left without one of its nine members. After SNSD finished performing “Hoot”, actress Song Yoon Ah graciously stepped in to perform “Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)” with the eight remaining members. Despite the fact that she gave birth to her new son only three months ago, Song displayed a lithe figure that looked great in SNSD’s body-conscious uniform. And she danced almost perfectly along with the rest of the group, despite having less than two days to prepare. The performance was greeted with huge cheers from the audience.


Song Yoon Ah also served as the MC at the ceremony that evening. We’ve read some comments from netizens complaining that no one can replace Tiffany, but we’re pretty much in awe that this new mother managed to host the ceremony as well as hold her own with one of the most famous girl groups in the country on such short notice. Song Yoon Ah fighting!






Source: Newsen