H.O.T. Members Discuss Possible Reunion

Will H.O.T. be reuniting? Several of its former members have stoked the rumors by acknowledging that it’s a possibility. However, their respective entertainment agencies say there are no concrete plans for a reunion.


SM Entertainment, which managed H.O.T. until the group disbanded in 2001, still continues to represent former member Kangta. An official from the agency said, “We have heard that the members have met and discussed about the group’s reunion, but there are no concrete plans as of right now.”


Representatives for two other former members also denied reports. TN Entertainment, which represents Tony An, confirmed that there are no set details for a reunion. A representative for Jang Woo Hyuk went one step further, stating that Jang had never mentioned anything about a reunion.

So we may have to wait for that reunion! In the meantime, we’ll reprise some of their classics! 







Source: asiae.co.kr