M-Wave Concert at the Children’s Grand Park

“Music to move to…

Music to groove to…


It’s all about K-Pop!



The M-Wave!”


If I must describe this concert in one word, it would no doubt be the word “FREEZING”, as in the temperature!! Fans are dedicated people, I must say, waiting for more than 5 hours in -4 degrees Celsius for Kevin and Alexander to come out was really a sight to see. “Luckily”, we only waited for 4 hours. Also, we were placed next to the outdoor gas heater, but we were still freezing into some kind of a human popsicle even after occasionally going back and forth to our ONE heater for the entire staff to thaw out our frozen pinky toes and numbed fingers. So yeah, it was COLD. To quote Kevin in the MC segment, “It’s so cold! We’re outside!”


Indeed. It was FREEZING COLD!!



December was up first and they received a lot of attention from the ladies in the audience. A LOT OF ATTENTION.  Speaking of ladies….


Next up for the recording was 9Muses (although there were only 8 muses there today), the sexy ladies charmed the audience and melted their heart with their energetic moves. Not once, not twice, but three times! If you’re a 9Muses fan, I guarantee you would have a time of your life. If you’re not, it must be pure torture for you (taking up your precious 1 hour in the cold!), and I wish you luck.



Then, it was Co-ed School with their hit single, “Bbiribbom Bbaeribom”.  They did the filming twice. I noticed one of the girls was missing. (Ryo Hyoyoung did not show up due to a recent ankle fracture accident! Ouch!!!) I wish her a speedy recovery, but in the mean time—- sausage party ahoy!

Blocking the light so they can see the fans better.

(I have a challenge for you! Caption what Alexander is thinking about or saying in the above^ picture �de42






Girls Day finally came out and performed! I actually like them a lot. Their song “Nothing Lasts Forever”. It’s such a catchy song! *dances* ^_^






Previously not mentioned in the schedule (at least to us!) everyone from U-KISS is actually here (except Dongho, who was missing due to some schedule stuff) to perform “Shut-up!”, not once, but twice!





 ^–To give you an idea how COLD it was. Yes, that’s how cold it was…


They first came out with their brown suits, took a break, and came back to play with the fans! It was really cute when Kiseop and Eli were doing some ass-shaking that got the fans to completely die. Kiseop and Kibum also proceed to “hug” each other for some cheers and screams. Of course, at this point, my fangirl mind cannot function and I probably stood there and giggled like a mad woman with a frozen drool-cicle around the corner of my mouth.



Then, they came back again to perform again with black suits and red ties—fashion that totally screamed “OPPA!” with capital letters. It was a SERIOUS performance, because “Shut Up!” is such a seriously angry song with attitude about why “oppa hates you cuz you’re being a bad girl!” When it ends, U-kiss reverted back into happy teenagers bouncing off the walls picking up handkerchiefs and doing ballet swirls. To be more specific, it was Kiseop doing the ballet swirls and Alexander doing most of the bouncing �de42  They left the stage, fans were screaming their lungs out “Oppa kajima!!! Ahhhh!! Oddokke?!” (translation: Oppa don’t go! AHHH! WHY you go?! Jd7gidjlfh3lfdhg@#hja09dhj!!?! *pulls hair out*)


Eli is reaching for YOU! ^-^<3


So basically, 4 hours of waiting in -4 degrees and a frozen chocopie later, it was all worth it.


Catch The M-Wave this Sunday at 6pm KRT!

For more info visit: www.arirang.co.kr