Music Core Experience # 5 (11.20.10) Part 2

Are you ready for another fun-filled journey at Music Core? I sure was. I had my clothes, food and bag ready by the door the night before because it was Kara’s comeback.

So I arrived a bit before 9 and I was like haha! FIRST!! I held it down at the Kara line. A few hours later some fans arrived and it happened to be Japanese fans that were there since 11pm the night before, what? I guess I was NOT the first. Anyways I guess you could say I was still the first non-Japanese. A few minutes later, a couple fan club leaders arrived. They then gave priority to the fan club leaders who got right in front of me. No worries, it was just a few of them. The fan girl top dawg struck up a conversation with me and we showed each other pictures of Kara. She then just decided to give me a few things. First, she gave me a Jiyoung wallet picture, then the lyric sheet with the official chant on it. She started playing the music and showed me how to do the chant. Basically, she wanted me to do the chant with her.

Kara Jumping chant!

So it was finally time to go in, about 1:45. Hot diggety, I was sent to the 3rd row this time! The fan club members wanted to give me a taste of what its like to be a member before I joined. I was doing the chant for Kara In the 3rd row. Basically, the 3rd row is higher than the first row so it’s a little better actually than the first! I loved the little adlibs by Nicole and Jiyoung who were practicing between takes. You won’t see things like this during the live show.

Goo Hara fan, Kara fan, Atlas candy. Gifts from the unofficial fanclub

With all of the nice front row and free stuff you think it was perfectly awesome, but it wasn’t. The girl kept on mentioning she supported only one artist and said I should too. I mean, that means no Girls Generation what? Later on I mentioned how she had a Sox hat on and an Indians jacket, so I turned the situation around for her on that.

Jiyoung wallet picture given by fanclub member

Beast came out through the waiting line/queue crowd. I know they do this to make the fans go crazy I was a bit too slow to take out my camera and by that time they already ran off. To be honest, the reality of fan clubs is they dislike you for cheering on any other group but themselves. I found that a major turn off. You can read more about it in Suguishi’s article.

Girls Generation
I cheered them on despite any fan club member’s disapproval. Why should I care? I was realling missing Tiffany at this point. It’s just not the same. I hope she recovers quickly!

Overall, this show was bittersweet. The fans really were a real buzzkill. I’m still appreciative that I got some nice stuff, but I don’t think I will be bribed to support only one artist. Anyways, I can’t even join the fanclub. It’s closed for any further registrations. is also unofficial. There are numerous times (like every time) when different artist are together rooting each other’s support.