SM Announces Comeback of DBSK Without JYJ Members

On November 23, SM Entertainment released an official statement announcing that DBSK would return in 2011 with the original two members Changmin and Yunho. A pop-up message on DBSK’s official website announced that the three-member team of Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong had decided to go their own way, and SM in turn decided in turn to move on as well. The remaining members Changmin and Yunho had abstained from participating in any musical activities as DBSK because they were waiting for their fellow members to return. SM wished to continue supporting the fans who had waited for DBSK to return. Therefore, DBSK would make their comeback sometime during 2011 with the original two members Changmin and Yunho.

The translation of SM’s statement is as follows:

“In 2011, DBSK will come back to you!

Hello, this is SM Entertainment. After three members of DBSK’s had broken away the team, SM had U-know and Max refrain from participating in music activities for over a year.

As the members and company wanted to keep DBSK, we have been waiting for a long time also thinking about the fans love for DBSK.

As the provisional disposition mentioned, DBSK must work with SM. Despite the judgment, the three members are not responding to the suggestion of SM which was working as DBSK with SM. So after
a long time of consideration, we’ve made a decision.

U-know and Max are keeping their positions, not giving up DBSK. Also to maintain DBSK, which are made up with a lot of time and effort. We decided to run DBSK with those 2 members.

Whatever may happen, because of the love of fans, who made DBSK together, we decided that DBSK should continue. However, we won’t exclude any possibilities that might happen in future.

Also maintaining DBSK is the best reward for the fans who love DBSK and waiting for them.

As SM has been together with DBSK’s birth and their growth, we will keep DBSK. Also, we will give any effort or support for the DBSK’s performance which will be soon. We will do our best.

Please give a lot of cheers and expectations to DBSK, who will be back in 2011.”

Translation credits: 김경연, 94ky

Source: TVXQ Official Website, TVDaily