Jang Dong Gun and Kate Bosworth Attend Press Screening of "The Warrior’s Way"

Jang Dong Gun and Kate Bosworth attended the press screening of “The Warrior’s Way” on November 22 in Seoul at the COEX Megabox Theater. The film’s world premiere was held on the same day at the same venue. Both stars attended, as did many celebrities. Despite arriving in Seoul only the day before, Kate looked radiant and energetic in a simple Chloé dress with a geometric JewelMint necklace that she designed herself. Jang Dong Gun looked handsome in black.

When asked about her experience filming with a Korean star and a Korean director (the film was helmed by Sngmoo Lee), Bosworth said it was “a new experience, but not a different one… Hollywood is like a group of abandoned gypsies — it’s a hodge-podge melting pot of people, so I feel like I’ve come across different culture and societies in different films I’ve done,” the actress stated.

She added, “I felt we were starting from the positive launching pad of wanting to make a beautiful unique movie, so I didn’t really feel a difference from working on other Hollywood movies.”

“I felt that the script was unique, it was really something that hasn’t been seen before……. So I went into this film open-minded, not knowing what to expect.”

“The Warrior’s Way” will be released in Korea on December 2. It will be released worldwide on December 3.