Solbi’s New Look!

Plastic surgery has always been a big issue in South Korea. Within the last few years, many celebrities have come forth about their surgeries. Singer Solbi followed that route. But recently, she went even further to say that she has “retired from plastic surgery”.

On the 26th, Solbi updated her minihompy with pictures of herself and a friend. The pictures seem to be from the Korea-Japan soccer match that took place on October 12th. With her hair up in a simple ponytail, many people commented on how pretty she was.

The picture was titled “the Korea-Japan match” and she wrote, “I’m sweating again. I like sports because it mirrors life. I really love sports. It’s fun. It’s always so exciting to be running forward without knowing what the end, the result is. There’s always that need for more and thrill at the end.”

Netizens have commented on the pictures saying things like: “How can you get so pretty?”, “Lovely!”, and “A goddess, no doubt”.

At the moment, Solbi has signed a contract with Sidus HQ and is preparing to begin an acting career.



Source: ISPlus via Naver