Rain and Daniel Henney Kiss??

No, not really. ^_~ But some very fun-filled pictures of Rain and Daniel Henney have been revealed. The pictures show the two enjoying a short break while filming the current drama, “The Fugitive: Plan B”.


In the drama, Ji Woo (Rain) and Kai (Daniel Henney) are in a love triangle with Jin (Lee Na Young) and are both very sensitive about it. Kai is so sensitive to the point that he shows fierce displeasure when Ji Woo lays even a finger on him. However, in the picture, the two look as friendly as any two people can be.

The picture was posted on the drama’s viewer forum and people posted replies saying things like, “They’re enemies on screen but really very close. How heartwarming!”


“The Fugitive: Plan B” has only four episodes left and the love triangle is predicted to get even hotter. Don’t miss it!









Source: Daum