Jang Geun Suk Meets 3,000 Fans in Sapporo

Jang Geun Suk continued his Japanese fan tour, performing in Sapporo over the weekend. 


In a press release, Tree J. Company announced Wednesday that Jang greeted 3,000 fans on November 21at the Nitori Bunka Hall in Sapporo. He spoke candidly to them about his work, saying, “Right now, I’m busy shooting the series and preparing things for the fan tour, so I get the energy from the fans that come out to see me.” He added that he hopes to perform well for the rest of the fan tour.


He also performed the songs “Please, My Bus!” and “My Precious” from the soundtrack of his latest drama, “Mary Stayed Out All Night”.



Jang will meet fans in Kobe on Friday.


Source: asiae.co.kr