Avex Confirms Support of DBSK as Two-Member Group

Japanese entertainment company Avex announced on its official website today that they will continue to support the singing careers of SM Entertainment artists by renewing their contracts in Japan. This message included SM artists such as BoA, J-Min, f(x), Super Junior, “and TVXQ who will resume their activities as a two-man band formed of members Yunho and Changmin”.

In addition to announcing the exclusive contracts that Avex signed with f(x) and Super Junior, it is presumed that this statement is meant to clarify any misunderstandings concerning Avex’s past support of JYJ. Earlier this year, the three JYJ members had signed separately with Avex while seeking to terminate their contract with SM, straining the cooperative relationship the two agencies had with each other.

A few months later, Avex suspended all of JYJ’s activities, claiming that the chief of JYJ’s Korean entertainment agency, C-Jes, had links to a criminal organization. At the same time, Avex confirmed that they would continue to represent DBSK although they did not know the status of the group.

Two days ago, SM announced that DBSK would make a comeback in January with the group’s remaining members, Yunho and Changmin. 



Source: asiae.co.kr