New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 November Week 4

Sistar 3rd single – How Dare You (December 2)

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01 Mighty Sistar
02 Over
03 How Dare You
04 How Dare You INST
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2010’s top rookie group Sistar, who has done quite well with “Push Push” and “Shady Girl,” returns with their third single album, “How Dare You.” The song is about a girl who shows her tough and independent side after being hurt by love. This number which was created by the Brave Brothers, fuses both rock and electronic sounds.



Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 3 – Brown Eyed Soul (released)

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01 Soul Breeze
02 Blowin’ My Mind

03 If It’s the Same

04 You
05 Can’t Stop Loving You
06 Rainy
07 With Chocolate
08 Miss Cigar Store
09 Never Forget
10 Love Ballad
11 You
12 I Will Move Aside
13 Gone
14 He Is Real
15 Your Song (Gratitude)

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Brown Eyed Soul, who has been releasing singles the past year, finally releases its full length third album titled, “Brown Eyed Soul.” The album includes previous singles, “Blowin’ My Mind,” “You,” “Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Never Forget,” “Love Ballad” and “I Will Move Aside” along with solo tracks from the individual members. The title track is “If It’s the Same,” which showcases Jung Yup’s sweet and Naul’s emotional vocals. Another song is “Gone” which is expected to receive much love from fans. In addition to these songs is Jung Yup’s solo track, “Miss Cigar Store” which is a remake of folk singer, Song Chang Shik’s song. It is said that Jung Yup has always been a huge fan of the veteran singer. On the other hand, Naul’s solo song is gospel number, “You” while Sung Hun’s solo song is “With Chocolate,” a modern R&B number.

Jo Sung Mo – Thank You (December 3)

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01 Thank You (Intro)
02 Only You (Suit Version)

03 Everyday Christmas
04 Only You (Sweet Version)
05 Say Anything (For Maria)

Jo Sung Mo releases a new mini album, “Thank You” for the one woman he loves as well as his fans. The musician returns with upgraded music, testing urban and R&B music this time around. The title track is “Only You,” a number with an urban feel and jazz piano beats, reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. The soul beats and strings help bring out the mood very well. Jo Sung Mo penned the lyrics to the song himself. There are two versions to this song – Suit and Sweet, to show two colors to it. Also included in the album are “Everyday Christmas” and “Say Anything.”



Tim Vol. 5 – New Beginnings (released)

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01 Because Of You, I…
02 It Is You
03 River Flows In You
04 At the Next Stop
05 Love Song (Duet With Lyn)

06 Words Not Manly

07 Missing U
08 Goosebumps Couple (Duet With Esna)
09 Learn Breakup
10 Liquid
11 He Said, She Said (No Other Way) (Duet With Esna)

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Tim, who has received constant love from fans with hits such as “I Love You,” “Thank You,” “At the End of World,” has returned after three years with his fifth album, “New Beginnings.” For this album, the artist produced the entire album, with the help of composer, Kim Tae Sung who helped bring out this “Tim-vibe.” In addition, fellow musicians such as Yiruma and Lyn participated in the new album, giving Tim extra strength. The title track is “Words Not Manly,” a gift from Yiruma himself. Yiruma played the arrangements himself while Lyn penned the lyrics to the song, Also included in the album are “It Is You,” which Tim composed himself and couple duet number, “Love Song” with Lyn.



SM Ballad Vol. 1 (November 29)

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01 Miss You
02 Hot Times
03 Love Again
04 Don’t Lie
05 Another Day

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SM Entertainment’s ballad project group, SM The Ballad debuts with their first album, “Miss You.” The group consists of Trax’s Jay, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s JongHyun, and rookie singer, JINO. There are a total of five new tracks, where each vocalist is able to show his own distinctive vocals as well as harmonize with one another. Fans will be able to see a different side of their favorite artists through SM The Ballad.



Other releases:

Girl2School – Let’s Play Dance (released)
SG Wannabe (single) – Road For Hope: 달라기 (released)
Can Vol. 7.5 – Special ED. (released)
Jang Ji Young – Still And All (released)
Eve – Gloria (released)
Nassun – Nassunova (November 29)
Hot Potato – Thank You, Good Night: Live Album (November 29)
Pinodyne – 1st Pino Vation (November 30)
Ahn Chi Hwan Vol. 10 – 오늘이 좋아 (November 30)
Mazorkey – 소년이여, 야망을 가져자 (December 1)
Lyn – Winter’s Melody
(December 2)
Yoo Byung Yeol 1st mini-album – Yby (December 2)
Noella Vol. 2 – Beautiful Sorrow (December 2)
Kiefer – Untitled.9 (December 3)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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