Actor Kim Soo Ro Praises Lee Min Ho: "The Most Loyal Actor in the Business"

Lee Min Ho is as loyal as he is handsome!

Veteran actor Kim Soo Ro appeared on SBS radio show “Choi Hwa Jeong’s Power Time” on November 29 and talked about Lee Min Ho, with whom he has been friends for a long time. The two starred in the movie “Our School E.T.” in 2008.

“Lee Min Ho is the most loyal actor in the entertainment business,” said Kim Soo Ro. “He is really a good guy. When I text him, he always replies immediately. Sometimes, I text ‘Don’t reply’, since I don’t want to him to feel like he has to.”

Kim added, “In my cell phone, his name is saved as ‘Our Min Ho'”. (In Korean, this term of endearment might be the equivalent of “My dear Min Ho”.)

The host, Choi Hwa Jeong, joked, “Oh, you must like those ‘pretty boy’ actors.” Kim responded, “My heart pumps stronger than usual when I see them. Jo In Sung, Lee Min Ho… I like those guys.” Very touching!

Source: hancinema