[MV] Untouchable – Make A Fuss

Hip-hop duo Untouchable released their music video for “Make A Fuss” featuring Vasco.

They had last released a mini album in February of this year with the title song “Living In The Heart” featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha. Their new album Untouchable Vol. 2 – Who’s Hot will be released this week and will contain 12 tracks.

01. 작사/글 언터쳐블 | 작곡 Delly boi
02. 난리 브루스 (Feat.Vasco)
03. Hit Da Club (Feat.비프리,빈지노)
04. Feelin Good (Feat.피터,Chance)
05. Talk To Me
06. MC (Feat.DJ Wegun,Loptimist)
07. I`m A Balla (Feat.화영,젭 블랙맨,Marvel. J,Broken Lips)
08. Jiggy Get Down (Feat.9c,엘리,Marco,Vasco,조 브라운,Basick,Big Tray,Deepflow,Woo-side)
09. Baby Girl
10. Makin Move Makin HOT
11. 멋진 꿈 (Feat.팔로알토)
12. Get Up (Feat.Eluphant)

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