Actor On Joo Wan to be Discharged from the Military

Actor On Joo Wan will be discharged from the military on Friday following his completion of South Korea’s mandatory two-year military service.

On said that he hopes that his experience in the military will allow him to become a better person and actor. “My time serving at the Ministry of National Defense was unlike any other experience that I have had, and my time there was something different and very valuable,” stated On.

Although On has appeared on both the small and big screen, Korean movie fans are more likely to be acquainted with On’s work than drama fans. He has appeared in many films since his debut in 2004, including “The Aggressives”, “The City of Violence”, and “My Mighty Princess”.

On’s entertainment agency, Yuleum Entertainment, plans to hold a small gathering for his fans on the day of his discharge so he can greet them and speak about about his future plans.

Welcome back, On Joo Wan!