MC Mong, who is currently under investigation for evading his mandatory military service, finished his second trial on November 29.

MC Mong stated, “I have received too much love from the public up until now, so I put more priority on the judgment by the public. Now I am in court, but it is not because I felt unfairly treated, wanted to fight, or wanted to gain popularity again. Even after this trial, I will still wait for the public’s verdict on me. I want you to give a little more time for me and wait for me, the person who can hardly breathe these days”.

The charge being leveled against MC Mong is that he had asked his dentist to remove two of his teeth instead of fixing them, thereby rendering him exempt from the two-year military service all Korean men must perform. During the second trial, the dentists who had treated MC Mong, directly or indirectly, testified. 

One dentist said, “I had stated my views according to the document that the police had already made up”. This aroused controversy regarding the police investigation.