SBS Inkigayo 12.05.10

Today on Inkigayo BEAST takes their first win with “Beautiful”. Girl groups T-Ara and Sistar had their comeback performances as well.

Winner BEAST –Watch (most youtube vids have been taken down for today’s show)

Comeback special
T-ara – Why Are You Being Like This + Ya Ya Ya
Sistar – Over + How Dare You
YDG – Bandolier

Kara – Jumping
Beast – Beautiful
2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
Orange Caramel – A-ing ♡
S.M the Ballad – Miss You

Hot Music
VNT – Sound
KCM – Love Bear

Fresh Music
Lisa & Brian – 우린 친구가 될 수 없어
Ha Hyun Gon – Lady
Sun Duk – Nineteen Years Old

Power rookie
Bohemian – Love Letter